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ITA: Sampdoria x Inter Milano

After a successful bet on Sasuollo yesterday, there are more interesting matches in Italy today. For BitcoinBettors, I try to choose bets from my model with the highest adjusted Kelly. First is Sampdoria win over Inter Milano. Sampdoria has very wide results in the last weeks and produced poor defensive and good offensive numbers. Last […]

Udinese x Sassuolo

Following my numbers, Sassuolo should be in a better position here. My odds are almost reverse to bookies, so it seems like a nice value bet.   My expected goals UDI x SASS 0,97×1,68. My odds on Sass 1,81, bookies 3,61. According to bookies and my odds, Kelly adjusted stake is 3,36%. There should be […]

Cagliari x Lazio

Lazion should be a bigger favorite here, so nice value in betting on visitors.   Expected goals 1,38 x 3,08   Projected odds 7,11 6,88 1,4 Bookie odds 5,08 3,9 1,7   Lazio win, odds 1,7, kelly adj. 3,06%   Jiri “Frisbald” Kaspar www.frisbald.com

Crotone x Sampdoria

Another bet following my model. Seems like nice value bet for Sampdoria. For full numbers, read this article   Expected goals 0,92 x 2,02 Projected odds 6,12 4,82 1,59 Bookies odds 3,21 3,26 2,35   Sampdoria win, odds 2,35, kelly adj. 3,54%   Bet on Cloudbet Jiri “Frisbald” Kaspar www.frisbald.com

Sassuolo x Spal

According to my numbers and models, this seems like a nice value bet on Sassuolo. For full numbers for this match and 28. Week of Serie A, please visit my blog.   Expected goals 1,95 x 0,69 My projected odds 1,49 4,88 8,12 Bookies odds 2,06 3,26 4 Bet 1, odds 2,06, kelly adj. 3,61% […]

Verona x Chievo

Derby is always tough to predict. But this match offers really interesting odds and I can´t leave it behind without bet. Chievo is playing very poorly and I just can´t miss the opportunity to play against in odds over 3.According to my model, Verona should be favorite. According to bookies, it´s an underdog. So clear value.   My […]

Dukla Prague x FC Vysocina Jihlava

There were played 3 round since winter break in Czech First League and situation of both teams can´t be much more different. Dukla had big problems even before winter break (especially as a visitors), but now thing seems even worse. 0-1-2 1:4 after 3 games with average opponents and very bad play. On the other […]

AC Milano x Arsenal London

  This bet goes without expected goals, as I´m not modeling my numbers for Europe League. But even without expected goals, this seems like a clear value bet. Odds were higher earlier, but anything over 2 is still nice. I think Milano win is somewhere around 60-65% range, so odds should be still lower then now.   […]

SPAL vs Bologna

According to my numbers, statistics, and model, Bologna should be favored here. Bookies seem it a different way, so  the odds offers the best value from Saturday Serie A matches. And I´m choosing it for today bet.   My expected goals, projected odds, Cloudbet odds and adjusted Kelly for this match: SPAL        […]

Arsenal – Manchester City

Hi guys, this is my first bet for BitcoinBettors, so let me introduce myself a little bit. I´m 33 years old, graduated from Nottingham Trent University I was playing poker with some decent profit in last years. Betting and sports were only for fun. But these days are gone. I´m not able to play online poker as […]