NBA – Detroit Pistons at Toronto Raptors

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My bet will be from NBA today. We have 10 games being played today, huge card, but I found only one suitable bet. I create my own projected lines for NBA for every match, which I compare with the bookmaker’s lines. If I see a significant difference, it is a qualified bet for me. I always check some other information that could make me stay away from such games, but there isn’t any today.

The lines for this game are set at:

Toronto Raptors -10 / Detroit Pistons +10

Totals: 218.5

Toronto Raptors are the best home team according to my numbers taken from advanced NBA stats. They have a 82.8% winrate at home, scoring 113 points in average. They are also the 4th best defensive team at home, again, according to these numbers, when it comes to points allowed to score against them at home, sitting in 101.6 points in average. They are the 2nd best team at blocking opponent’s attempts, as they average 6.3 blocks per game, only Golden State Warriors are blocking better (8.1 avg). They are 8-2 in their last 10 home games and are averaging a 209.9 tally of total points scored.

Detroit Pistons are a below average road team, having a 33% winrate in away games (9-18), scoring 101.2 points in average. More than 67% of their scoring attempts are 2P field goals, but their scoring efficiency from these attempts is barely over 50%. They are 1-9 in their last 10 road games, and the average total points in these games is 208.2.

Now, the most interest thing for me are their head-to-head games. In their last 10 meetings, they are averaging 198.9 total points scored. If we wanted to find a game between these two teams, where they beat the today’s line on Total points scored, we would have to go back to January 2015, when the Raptors won 114-110.

My projected lines for this game:

Toronto Raptors -13 / Detroit Pistons +13

Totals: 208.5

You can find my projected lines for all the games on my Steemit page. You can also follow me on Twitter, where I share more bets.


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