FRA (w): Tarbes – Nice

In almost every single smaller league we have one very weak team that is beaten badly by other teams in almost every single game. In French woman basketball league this team is Nice.

They lose games by an average of 13 points per game and on the road is is even worse. They lose road games by an average of 17 points.

Today they will face third best home team in the league – Tarbes.

Tarbes is a winning team with the record of 8-7. They lost 2 out of last 3 games, but we also must say, that thet lost both games against higher placed teams, including one game against Bourges, which is the best team in this league with +318 point difference.

Tarbes in on 7th place right now, but this is a dangerous zone, because we have two teams just behind them and this is one of those games, that they must win. Nice is a weak team, that didn’t win any road game this season and I don’t believe that they can beat 3rd best home team in the league.

A lot of bookmakers dropped the odds on Tarbes, but bitcon bookmaker Sportsbet has one of the best odds for European leagues and I think Tarbes -10.5 for the price of 1.86 is a good deal for every bettor.

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