SVK: Iskra Svit – MBK Handlova

Hello, everyone!

I decided to make a bet in my domestic basketball league. We look at slovakian basketball league today to find a value play. I picked a match between BK Iskra Svit and MBK Handlová.

Bookie’s lines:
BK Iskra Svit: -14.5
MBK Handlová: +14.5
Totals: 175.5

Iskra Svit are 11-6 at home, with +149 points. Generally, they lose at home to stronger teams (Levice, Inter Bratislava, Prievidza) but they are showing a strong home advantage against the rest of the league. On the other side, we have MBK Handlová, who are maintaining a losing streak away from home. They haven’t win in their last 8 away games, losing in average by 30 points. That however inclued their last away game, which they lost to Prievidza by 116 points. Yes, 116 points. 146-30. Unreal. I think their main objective today will be not to repeat this kind of loss again. They are 2-14 away, with -386 points.

My projected lines:
BK Iskra Svit: -27.5
MBK Handlová: +27.5
Totals: 181.5

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Play BK Iskra Svit -14.5 @ 1.840

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