Dota 2: OpTic – Vici Gaming

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Yesterday I shared another bet from the esports world. It was a match between Vici Gaming and Newbee, from a Dota 2 tournament taking place in China, called DAC. My team (Vici Gaming) won and the bet was a winning bet. I hope this next bet is going to be a winning bet too. I will look at the match between OpTic Gaming and Vici Gaming.

Bookie’s odds:
OpTic: 1.955
Vici Gaming: 1.824

This is a very hard match to predict. On one side, we have OpTic Gaming, not even the best team from their region. They are struggling to collect DPC points throughout the whole season, but recently they stepped up their game. In my opinion, it is thanks to the role swap between 33 and Zai. They look a lot better and the results speak for themselves. They beat TNC and Newbee on Day 1 and the bookies overreacted a little bit and set low odds on them. We can’t forget, that they are only the 12th team in the global team rankings and have 0 DPC points. That means they haven’t gotten deep into the playoffs at any tournament. Short term results are looking great for them.

But they are going up against Vici Gaming. This is going to be third bet where I back them and I have my reasons. I always say, that they have this experienced captain LanM, and it really matters. Not that PPD on the other side is not a good captain, but his team is young, with 2 inexperienced players (CCnC and 33). Vici Gaming are 9th in the global rankings and they are sitting in the 5th place in the DPC rankings with 2160 points. They are delivering at LAN tournaments. I think, they should be bigger favorites here. What scares me is the fact, that they lost against OG (a team without their best player, using their coach as a standin) but then they beat Newbee.

My projected odds:
OpTic: 4.57
Vici Gaming: 1.28

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