Dota 2: Team Spirit – Evil Geniuses

Hello, guys.

I have a recommended bet for you from the Chinese Supermajor Dota 2 tournament. It is an elimination game from the lower bracket between Team Spirit and Evil Geniuses.

Bookie’s odds:
Team Spirit: 1.99
Evil Geniuses: 1.73

I am actually baffled by these odds.

Let’s start with Team Spirit. 4 of their players played together at some point in Virtus Pro, they know each other very well, good chemistry, good synergy between them. Typical CIS team that shows a lot of aggression. I consider them as the second/third best team from the CIS region right now (first is obviously Virtus Pro). They are going to be the main contenders to win the CIS qualification for The International 2018. They don’t have a lot of LAN matches under their belt this season, but the lack of numbers is not a problem. A week ago, in Birmingham major they eliminated Evil Geniuses easily. This sparked the roster change of Evil Geniuses. They let Misery and Fear (the two most experienced players with great leadership skills) go, and Fly and S4 (from OG) took their places. According to the Dota 2 community that was a great change. This is pure fanboyism and I am actually surprised the bookies stand with the community on this matter. I, personally, don’t see this EG team achieving anything. This is a roster of players that had been failing the expectations for the whole year on two different teams. Now they put together these players, obviously individually and on paper they are a good bunch of players. But I am absolutely not convinced by them. They are 0-4 so far in this tournament, they are playing atrocious Dota, they are not on a same page. They have terrible numbers and stats too for the last 2 months.


My projected win percentages:
Team Spirit: 64.5% (odds: 1.55)
Evil Geniuses: 35.5% (odds: 2.82)

Play Team Spirit @ 1.99

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