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The world is changing and we believe that blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and bitcoins will have huge impact on our lives in near future.

More and more people see the benefits from betting and gambling with bitcoins. But still this field is new for most gamblers and bettors.

Our mission is to provide honest and transparent information about cryptocurrency online casinos, bookmakers and other sites. We want to help new and existing players to see all the benefits that bitcoin gambling world can offer.

At the same time you can find quality daily sports betting and gambling advice on our site.

We are a team of sports bettors, bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts. We believe in the future of blockchain technology and we also believe, that gambling world is perfect for bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

What is bitcoin and what is blockchain technology?

Bitcoin is a digital currency and this is just small part of the whole story. There is many other currencies that are in use and what is even more important – behind all this is blockchain technology.

Here are two videos, that will explain the basics (youtube source):



Why this is ideal for sports gambling world?

ANONYMITY – All cryptocurrency transactions are completely anonymous. You don’t need to give your personal identification when you hold your cryptocurrencies. With this you can gamble, win money and nobody will know that this money came from gambling. It gives you a lot of freedom and huge advantage over traditional fiat bookmakers.

GEOGRAPHICAL FREEDOM – A lot of countries put bans on gambling and this is a headache for players and for (fiat) gambling sites. With cryptocurrencies, there is very little restrictions and because of privacy nature, players all over world can gamble and bet.

BETTER, FASTER TRANSACTIONS – Transactions are made on blockchain, which is decentralized environment. Your funds will come directly from your wallet to gambling operator, without any third person involved – for example banks, that usually take big commission and slow whole process.

FUTURE – We believe that blockchain technology is the future and is a game changer in all aspects of our lives.

MAKE MORE MONEY – Projections show, that bitcoins will be worth much more in the future and if you can win more bitcoins, you basically doubled, tripled,… money.

How to start?


There are couple of ways how to buy bitcoins and here are proven and reliable sites, where you can buy bitcoins with credit card, paypal, skrill and other online payment options.

After you buy bitcoins you can send this money like an email. The only thing you need is an address, which contains 26-35 alphanumeric characters. All sites have two options – deposit and withdrawals.

The best online sites to buy bitcoins are:






Check them and find what is the best for you.


You can also exchange bitcoins into other cryptocurrencies and many gambling sites accept more than one cryptocurrency.

The best exchange is: Binance


But of course, you don’t want to hold your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on those sites and you will need your wallet, where you will hold your digital money.

You can look at this wallet as a traditional wallet where you store your money. The safest wallets are hardware wallets, where you store your bitcoins. There has been more than 30 hack attacks on exchanges in last years and hackers stole millions and millions of dollars. Yes, you millions and millions. Just check two big attacks:

More than $70 million stolen in bitcoin hack (link)

$150 Million Worth of Nano Allegedly Stolen (link)

Some of Bitcoin Bettors members lost money on Bitgrail too and we have learned on a hard way.

So, it is well recommended that you get your hardware wallet and store your winnings there. With hardware wallets you are the only person who has the access to the key.

The best and most recommended hardware wallets are:



Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

How to turn bitcoins back to FIAT ($, EUR,…) ?

The easiest way to turn bitcoins back into fiat money is trough Coinbase. Simply send your bitcoins to this site, connect your bank account and make withdrawals. There is many other sites, where you can change cryptocurrencies into fiat and Coinbase is one of the most safest, biggest and reliable sites out there.

Now you are ready to start…

You learned how to buy bitcoins, you understand how important is to secure them with hardware wallets and keep the key, so now you are ready to start…

Explore our site to find the best deals, information and bonuses about best bitcoins gambling sites all over the world.