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Dota 2: Team Spirit – Evil Geniuses

Hello, guys. I have a recommended bet for you from the Chinese Supermajor Dota 2 tournament. It is an elimination game from the lower bracket between Team Spirit and Evil Geniuses. Bookie’s odds: Team Spirit: 1.99 Evil Geniuses: 1.73 I am actually baffled by these odds. Let’s start with Team Spirit. 4 of their players […]

Dota 2: Vici Gaming – PSG.LGD

Hey guys, this game is the lower bracket finals of MDL Changsha Dota 2 major tournament. The game is played on Sunday, 20th May, 7AM CET. As I mentioned in my previous articles, I think betting on underdogs can be very beneficial in Dota 2 tournaments, mainly in Playoffs. The gap between the top teams […]

Dota 2: VGJ Storm – Vici Gaming

Hi, guys. We are in the middle of another Dota 2 esports major tournament, taking place in Changsha, China. This game is played tomorrow (Saturday, 19th May) at 4:30pm CET, but the schedule might change, it depends on how the other games go. Anyway, this is the game between VGJ Storm, a relatively new team […]

Dota 2: VGJ. Storm – TheFinalTribe

Hey guys, just after a couple of days after Epicenter XL ended we have another Dota 2 tournament. This time it is a minor tournament in Thailand, called GESC. We have the first round of the play-offs being played between two Tier 2 teams. Tier 2 teams are like mid-table teams in the Premier League, […]

Dota 2: FlyToMoon – Team Liquid

Greetings, I have another bet to share for Sunday, May 6th. The lower bracket finals between FlyToMoon and Team Liquid starts at 12pm CET. It proved very beneficial to bet on underdogs in this tournament and I have been avoiding FlyToMoon for a couple of reasons. They are a team that qualified through a so-called […]

Dota 2: Mineski – Virtus Pro

Hello, everyone. I will have 2 bets today as well. This is the first one in a best of 1 match of Epicenter XL (Dota 2 tournament in Moscow) lower brackets between Mineski and Virtus Pro. My main idea for taking these bets in this tournament is, that the scene is getting more and more […]

Dota 2: PSG.LGD – Team Liquid

Hello, everyone. We had a very good yesterday in Dota 2 Epicenter tournament as we hit both our plays. I found some value in the upper bracket finals between PSG.LGD and Team Liquid. As I mentioned in my previous write-ups, all the tier 1 teams are very competitive right now. Most of the teams can […]

Dota 2: PSG.LGD – Virtus Pro

Hey guys, for the first time I will have 2 bets in one day. We are still at the Epicenter XL Dota 2 tournament in Moscow in the first round of play-offs. Now in a game between PSG.LGD and Virtus Pro. The game starts on Friday May 4th at 6pm CET. As I said in […]

Dota 2: Mineski – Team Secret

Hey guys, we are looking forward to a very busy month when it comes to Dota 2 tournaments. Currently, there is an ongoing tournament in Moscow called Epicenter XL and I think there is a value with a bet in a match between Mineski and Team Secret. The game is played on Friday 4th of […]

MLS: Sporting Kansas City – Seattle Sounders

Hi guys! It might be a little early for betting on the MLS league, but I really like this bet because I think there is some value. I will not share my projected odds for this game, because there is just not enough numbers yet (Seattle played only 3 games) and I think it is […]