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Dota 2: Mineski – Virtus Pro

Hello, everyone. I will have 2 bets today as well. This is the first one in a best of 1 match of Epicenter XL (Dota 2 tournament in Moscow) lower brackets between Mineski and Virtus Pro. My main idea for taking these bets in this tournament is, that the scene is getting more and more […]

Dota 2: PSG.LGD – Team Liquid

Hello, everyone. We had a very good yesterday in Dota 2 Epicenter tournament as we hit both our plays. I found some value in the upper bracket finals between PSG.LGD and Team Liquid. As I mentioned in my previous write-ups, all the tier 1 teams are very competitive right now. Most of the teams can […]

Dota 2: PSG.LGD – Virtus Pro

Hey guys, for the first time I will have 2 bets in one day. We are still at the Epicenter XL Dota 2 tournament in Moscow in the first round of play-offs. Now in a game between PSG.LGD and Virtus Pro. The game starts on Friday May 4th at 6pm CET. As I said in […]

Dota 2: Mineski – Team Secret

Hey guys, we are looking forward to a very busy month when it comes to Dota 2 tournaments. Currently, there is an ongoing tournament in Moscow called Epicenter XL and I think there is a value with a bet in a match between Mineski and Team Secret. The game is played on Friday 4th of […]

MLS: Sporting Kansas City – Seattle Sounders

Hi guys! It might be a little early for betting on the MLS league, but I really like this bet because I think there is some value. I will not share my projected odds for this game, because there is just not enough numbers yet (Seattle played only 3 games) and I think it is […]

Championship: Bristol City – Birmingham

Hi guys! After a few quiet days I am bringing you another recommended bet. The bet will be from the second highest english football (or soccer for american readers) league, Championship, in a match between Bristol City (8th) and Birmingham (20th). My projected goals for Bristol are 1.53 goals in this game. They are on […]

HUN: DEAC – Zalakeramia

Hey guys! Today, my bet will be from the hungarian basketball league in a match between DEAC and Zalakeramia. Bookie’s lines: DEAC: +5.5 Zalakeramia: -5.5 Totals: 165.5 DEAC is the worst home team in the league, with a record of 3-9 and -101 point difference. At home they score fewer points than the league average […]

Dota 2: OpTic – Vici Gaming

Hi guys! Yesterday I shared another bet from the esports world. It was a match between Vici Gaming and Newbee, from a Dota 2 tournament taking place in China, called DAC. My team (Vici Gaming) won and the bet was a winning bet. I hope this next bet is going to be a winning bet […]

Dota 2: Vici Gaming – Newbee

Hi guys! My bet will be from a Dota 2 tournament called DAC, which is the 2nd biggest tournament of the whole season. It takes place in China and 16 teams are battling for $1.000.000 prize pool. I am looking at a group stage game between two chinese teams: Vici Gaming and Newbee. Bookie’s odds: […]

FRA B: Roanne – Poitiers 86

Hi guys. Today, my bet will be from the second french basketball league, in a match between Chorale Roanne and Poitiers 86. Bookie’s lines: Roanne: -13 Poitiers: +13 Totals: 153 Roanne are third in the table with a record of 18-6 and +272 point difference. At home, they score more than the league average by […]