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HUN: Szedeak – Kaspovari

Hello, everyone. Today, my recommended bet will be from the hungarian basketball league in a match between Szedeak and Kaspovari. Bookie’s lines: Szedeak: -5.5 Kaspovari: +5.5 Totals: 154.5 Both teams need wins like hell, they are fighting for their spots in the play-offs. Szedeak currently in 10th place, Kaposvari in 9th. However, if we look […]

BEL: Oostende – Mons Hainaut

Hey guys! Today, my bet will be from the Belgian basketball league in a match between Oostende and Mons Hainaut. Bookie’s lines: Oostende: -14.5 Mons Hainaut: +14.5 Totals: 153.5 Oostende are comfortably sitting in the 1st place in the league with a 20-0 record and +419 point difference. They are on a different level compared […]

EUR: Unicaja Malaga – Panathinaikos

Hey guys! Today I will look at the European basketball league (Euroleague) to find a value bet. The bet I chose is from the match between Unicaja Málaga (11th) and Panathinaikos (7th). Bookie’s lines: Malaga: +2.5 Panathinaikos: -2.5 Totals: 155.5 Unicaja Malaga are 7-5 at home with +38 point difference. They score a little bit […]

POL: Krosno – Starogard Gdanski

Hey guys! Today, I decided to look at the polish basketball league to make a bet in a match between Krosno and Starogard Gdanski. Bookie’s lines: Krosno: +2.5 Starogard Gdanski: -2.5 Totals: 160.5 Firstly, let me say, that there is a team in the polish league that has been disqualified from the league, so all […]

ISR: Maccabi Ashdod – Ironi Nahariya

Hello, everyone! My recommended bet today will be from the Israeli basketball league. It’s a match between Maccabi Ashdod (6th) and Ironi Nahariya (11th). Bookie’s lines: Maccabi Ashdod: -3.5 Ironi Nahariya: +3.5 Totals: 165.5 Maccabi Ashdod are on a 6-game long winning streak at home, and they are trying to secure a spot into the […]


Greetings and salutations! My recommended bet today will be from the hungarian basketball league. We will look at the match between MAFC Budapest and Kecskemeti KTE-Duna. Bookie’s lines: MAFC: +6.5 KTE-Duna: -6.5 Totals: 153.5 MAFC are 4-17 (-198 point difference) and are sitting at the bottom of the table. They are the worst team in […]

FRA B: Rouen – Nancy

Hello, everyone! My recommended bet today will be from the french basketball league – LNB Pro B. It is a match between Rouen and Nancy. Bookie’s projected lines: Rouen: +1.5 Nancy: -1.5 Totals: 150.5 Rouen, sitting at the 9th, are hosting Nancy (7th) in today’s game. Rouen are on the edge of qualifying for the […]

SVK: Kosice – Inter Bratislava

Hello, everyone! For today’s bet I chose to look at the Slovakian basketball league. I will recommend a bet in a match between Košice and Inter Bratislava. Bookie’s lines: Kosice: -2.5 Inter Bratislava: +2.5 Totals: 166.5 There are the two best teams in the league. Inter Bratislava sitting in the 1st place with 29-4 and […]

LTU: Neptunas – Nevezis

Hello, everyone! After yesterday’s win in Slovakian league I am here again with a smaller league basketball play. We look at Lithuanian league to find a value play in a match between Neptunas Klaipeda and BC Nevezis. Bookie’s lines: Neptunas Klaipeda: -9.5 BC Nevezis: +9.5 Totals: 159.5 Neptunas are the joint best home team in […]

SVK: Iskra Svit – MBK Handlova

Hello, everyone! I decided to make a bet in my domestic basketball league. We look at slovakian basketball league today to find a value play. I picked a match between BK Iskra Svit and MBK Handlová. Bookie’s lines: BK Iskra Svit: -14.5 MBK Handlová: +14.5 Totals: 175.5 Iskra Svit are 11-6 at home, with +149 […]