Cryptaldash ICO Review

Cryptaldash ICO Review

The most used platform to buy cryptocurrencies are the crypto-exchanges. With so many crypto tokens out there, it is impossible to find all the assets in one place. Maintaining accounts on multiple exchanges is an option but it isn’t very convenient to the user. Additionally, the features offered by different exchanges are not all the same.

One user might like a feature on one exchange and a different feature on a different exchange. It is currently not possible to have all the features we like on a single platform. Hence, the need for a single exchange, which not only supports a vast majority of crypto assets but all the features of different exchanges, arose. This led to the growth of an idea that we now know as Cryptaldash.

What is Cryptaldash?

Cryptaldash is an ICO project to develop a robust exchange that is not only an equipped institutional grade-matching engine, but also a supporter of a majority of crypto assets as well as integrator of the features of multiple crypto exchanges.


What makes Cryptaldash different from the existing exchanges?

Cryptaldash can be considered as all of the existing crypto exchanges, plus a whole lot more. Here are some of the features which separates this exchange from the rest.

  • Dash trading pair: Cryptaldash is the first exchange to have a fully functional dash trading pair available. Dash is one of the fastest growing, and top cryptocurrencies which did not have a dedicated trading pair until Cryptaldash.
  • Unique Institutional enabled access: Cryptaldash has a unique institutional enabled access which will bring in more liquidity. They have already partnered with companies like Bloomberg, Sungard, Metatrader 5, etc, to give the users a very rich effect.
  • Integration with the Trading view: To let users analyze the charts, they have integrated the world-class financial visualization platform, Trading view. This assists the user in decision-making.
  • Integration of multiple crypto exchanges: They have currently integrated seven of the biggest existing crypto exchanges, which include the newly established Binance as well as the old veteran GDAX. This gives users access to a wide range of crypto assets and other features.
  • Implementing AI technology: To help the new traders, this platform is going to implement AI technology which will constantly check to see if there is an opportunity for arbitrage trading available, or if there is a very good chance to profit by trading.
  • Implementing biometric security feature: Security is a major concern in today’s world. Hence Cryptaldash is going to integrate the CIVIC ID technology to validate the user’s identity. This is big news as CIVIC is the leader in this field and, by implementing it on a blockchain, it unlocks the full potential of the system.
  • Cancel on disconnect: If a user gets disconnected when he is placing an order, there is a setting option which enables him to cancel it.
  • Self-trade protection: This feature protects a user from filling his own order placed earlier.

To increase security, the platform lets the user have control over the digital assets by letting him transfer them into a wallet of his choice, thereby gaining the trust of the user. To pay for the services offered by Cryptaldash, the CRD tokens are used.

CRD tokens:

CRD token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Users holding these tokens will be able to pay for services at a significantly discounted rate. Users holding more than 1,000,000 tokens will be considered as lifetime members of the platform and will enjoy the discounted services forever.

Use cases:

When an exchange provides all the important features under one hood, one can expect a lot of use-cases along with it.

  1. The users of the platform will be benefitted as they get access to all the prime features, including crypto-assets under a single dashboard.
  2. The token holders are benefitted as they enjoy attractive discounts on all services offered by the platform. The discounted rates can be seen under the token details in this link.
  3. High liquidity: Due to the integration of giant software companies, institutional money is invited into the crypto market, thereby increasing the liquidity of the market.
  4. Dedicated dash pair: People who wanted a dedicated dash pair now have access to it and can trade it with many other crypto assets.


The Cryptaldash project brings together the amazing features of many different exchanges and the institutional platforms, helping to bring in more liquidity to the market. The exchange went live and was fully operational even before the ICO sale ended. This is due to the sheer dedication and hard work put in by the team towards the project.

It also makes use of a distributed ledger to use and track all the transactions made on the platform. Since it has several exchanges integrated, it distributes the load across the platforms and thus, offers a very high transactional load which is very much needed in the current market.  Their ICO period is still ongoing and you can have a look at their work over here.